humangear's mission is to develop amazing products that make the world a better place. Our mantra is "real gear for real humans." And many humans these days have dogs. Heck, in our hometown, San Francisco, there are more dogs than school-aged children (no, really). So, we wanted to let you know about another company that's making real gear for real humans with dogs: Paww.

Paww was started by the same people that started humangear. The same obsession with design, the same passion for blending form and function, the same dedication to bringing genuine innovation to products that haven't seen it for a while -- it's all there. You'll even see a version of a humangear product that has been modified specifically for dog owners (did someone say peanut butter in a squeezable tube?). Paww's mantra is "smart gear for pets and their humans." If you've got a dog, we think you should check Paww out. And if you know someone who's got a dog, please let them know about Paww. Click on the logo below to see their stuff. Woof!