FlexiBowl is the packable, stuffable, foldable bowl for eating on the go. Its unique shape allows the upper section to be folded down, so you get to choose between a high bowl or a small bowl/large cup. Unlike bowls made from rigid materials, the FlexiBowl can be squished, bent, and stuffed into just about any pocket, meal-kit, or other small space. Made from premium, FDA-food-safe silicone, the FlexiBowl is BPA-free, PC-free, and phthalate-free. 

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The crushable, stuffable, packable, convertible silicone bowl.


FlexiBowl is the ideal outdoor and travel bowl. Not only is it made of flexible silicone that compresses for easy packability, it also has an inward facing upper section that helps retain heat and prevent spills. This upper section can also be folded down to create a smaller bowl or large cup. 

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Large bowl? Small bowl? Yes! The FlexiBowl is best of both worlds. In “large mode” the FlexiBowl holds a full 3 cups (700ml), enough for a generous portion of soup or chili. The inward-facing shape of the upper zone helps keep heat in and also prevents spills. If you’re having a meal where you prefer a smaller container, just fold the upper panel downwards, working around the bowl until it snaps into place. Voila.


We didn’t just think about eating though--cleanup is optimized too. First, we contoured the bottom of the bowl to perfectly match the profile of our GoBites spoons (Uno, Duo, and Trio). This makes it super-easy to scrape up virtually every last bit of food or fluid. For the last bits remaining, the ultra high-gloss surface of the interior allows most food material to simply be rinsed or quickly wiped off. For those wishing to waste not a gram of food, you can turn the FlexiBowl inside out and lick the bowl clean. No mess, no wasted food, and virtually nothing to clean--yum.





Unfolded: 3 cups or 700 ML
Folded: 2 cups or 500 ML

Cold / Heat Limits:
- 40 F (-40 C)
375 F (190 C)

Dry Weight:
119 grams

Freezer Safe? Yes.

Microwave Safe? Yes.

Dishwasher Safe? Yes.



How can I clean my FlexiBowl if I'm not near a dishwasher?
For any food you aren't able to scrape out of the bowl, you'll find that the high-gloss interior surface makes it easy to clean with just a quick rinse of water (or soap and water if you want it squeaky clean). You can also push up areas to lick or adventurous types can invert the bowl completely. If you’re not the licking type, a quick wipe with a rag or damp cloth should get the inside surface quite clean as well.

Can I put the FlexiBowl over a campfire or on a camp stove?
No. While the FlexiBowl can withstand temperatures up to 375 F (190 C), it cannot withstand direct flame from a fire or coils on a stove.

Can I use the FlexiBowl for baking?
Yes. However, it cannot be put in an oven over 375 F without comprising the silicone. 

Can I freeze the FlexiBowl?
Yes. Silicone is fine being frozen. You can impress your friends with a huge octadecagonal ice cube.

Can I use it to make an octadecagonal cupcake with a trapezoidal cross section?
Yes. Yes, you can. Be sure to use a cupcake recipe that doesn't require an oven temperature higher than 375 F though.

Can I use the FlexiBowl with a utensil other than a humangear GoBites?
Uh, sure. But why would you? The FlexiBowl shape has been tuned to exactly match the shape of the GoBites spoons, making it incredibly easy to scrape up every last ounce of food.